THE NEW GT 10+10

As part of the current renewal of our product portfolio to ensure this meets new market trends, please note that our GBD 10 counter-top gas fryer with twin tank has now been taken out of production. In its place, Elframo S.p.A. is pleased to announce the launch of its new GT 10+10. This is the result of restyling the GBD 10, including a few aesthetic changes to make it fit in with the GT 17+17 free-standing fryers (hence the name GT 10+10). This new model also features a few mechanical modifications, such as a different position for the gas control valve to make it easier to check the incoming and outgoing pressure when servicing the machine. The structure of the fryer has been strengthened as the base plate is now made from 100% AISI 304 stainless steel, as better quality raw materials make for greater stability and longer life.

All the functional aspects of the machine are unaltered to guarantee the same high levels of performance as in the much appreciated GBD 10.

Please contact us for further info.